Cluster mission: 10th anniversary briefing on Sept.1

Posted Aug 25, 2010 by Lee Labuschagne
ESA's pioneering Cluster mission is celebrating its 10th anniversary and to mark the event a comprehensive public briefing will be held on Sept 1 in Darmstad, Germany by ESA mission scientists and operations managers.
Artist s impression of the four Cluster spacecraft  flying in tetrahedron formation
Artist's impression of the four Cluster spacecraft, flying in tetrahedron formation
Picture: ESA
The briefing takes place at ESA's European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) from 11:00-12:00 and interested media are invited to attend.
According to an ESA (European Space Agency) statement today, ESA scientists and managers will present the latest and most important scientific results of Cluster and explain the operational challenges it has had to face during the ten years.
New observations, made when Cluster recently crossed the heart of the auroral acceleration region, will also be presented at the briefing.
Over the past decade, Cluster's four satellites have provided extraordinary insights into the largely invisible interaction between the Sun and Earth. Cluster is a constellation of four spacecraft flying in formation around Earth since 1 September 2000, and has been making the most detailed investigation ever of the interaction between the solar wind and Earth's protective magnetic field, depicting it in three dimensions.
* E-mail enquiries about the briefing should go to ESA here