Parents allegedly try to sell their baby for $25

Posted Jun 25, 2010 by Laura Trowbridge
A couple have been accused of trying to sell their six-month-old baby for $25 outside of a Walmart store in Salinas, Monterey County, California.
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According to Sky News, Patrick Fousek, 38, who was on probation, walked up to two women outside of a Walmart store asking to borrow a mobile phone from them.
He then struck up a conversation before asking if they wanted to buy his daughter for $25. The women thought he was kidding, but he became insistent, even trying to thrust his baby daughter into the arms of one woman.
The woman then called the police, but Fousek ran to a nearby car where the baby's mother Samantha Tomasini, 20, was waiting and they drove away before police arrived.
The women had taken down the vehicle's license number, and police were able to trace the car to an apartment where they reportedly found the couple high on methamphetamine and their baby living in squalor.
The baby was taken into protective custody and the couple were charged with endangering a child, attempting to abandon a child, and being intoxicated on methamphetamine.
Fousek also received an additional charge for violating the terms of his probation.
He had been jailed along with his twin brother in 2006 after probation officers found they had been running a methamphetamine lab.