MP Olivia Chow introduces Bill for disabled immigrant applicants

Posted Jun 17, 2010 by KJ Mullins
MP Olivia Chow(Trinity—Spadina, NDP) introduced Bill C-556, An Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (exception to inadmissibility) in the House of Commons.
Members of Canadian Parliament  Bob Rae  Olivia Chow  Jack Layton demonstrated with Torontonians and...
Members of Canadian Parliament, Bob Rae, Olivia Chow, Jack Layton demonstrated with Torontonians and Tamils against the Sri Lankan Internal Displacement Camps.
Chow said that the bill will stop discrimination for those who are disabled wanting to immigrate to Canada. She pointed out the case of David and Sophie Barlagne, a French family that was told by the federal court that their daughter, Rachel who was cerebral palsy constituted an excessive damage on the social service resources of the province of Quebec, even though the family can support her.
This case Chow contends equals to the government telling their daughter that she is a burden.
The bill includes an appeal process that allows those turned down the chance to say why they will not pose an excessive demand on Canadian society.
"Mr. Speaker, it an honour to introduce a bill that amends the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. It is amending section 38 that excludes people with disabilities from immigrating to Canada, even though they have been accepted by the provincial government and have the financial means to support themselves.
Canada signed the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities while still systematically undermining it by falling back on old stereotypes.
Tonight in Toronto, the Canadian Paraplegic Association is celebrating its 60th year of existence and of its excellent work. No one should be deported or barred from Canada after becoming physically disabled in Canada.
I urge all members to support equal rights for all persons in Canada."