Miracle at Catholic Church restores Virgin Mary Special

Posted May 12, 2010 by Kim I. Hartman
It was a Mother's Day miracle at St. Matthew Catholic Church when the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was decapitated by vandals was restored to her original condition by local anonymous angel's who donated their time to repair this work of art.
Statue of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus at St. James Cathedral in Seattle  Washington
Statue of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus at St. James Cathedral in Seattle, Washington
The verdigris statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary at St. Matthew Catholic Church has been restored. Just over two weeks ago the Virgin Mary statue had been desecrated by vandals who cut off her praying hands and then decapitated the Mother of Jesus.
Church members were outraged and saddened that someone would cut off the head and hands of Mary, who stands at the center of St. Matthew's garden of peace that was built by the Eagle Scouts in 2001. The garden and the statue carried much symbolism and careful planning between the scouts and the church had combined for a garden befitting the mother of Christ.
You can read more about the symbolism and the vandalism of this beautiful statue at St. Matthew Catholic Church in a previous article featured on the Digital Journal, Vandal's desecrate praying Virgin Mary Statue.
Desecrated Virgin Mary statue.
Desecrated Virgin Mary statue.
Screengrab: WCNC-TV
Antoinette Usher, Director of Facilities Operations at St. Matthew, said "The verdigris statue of the Virgin Mary was beautifully restored by a gentleman who professionally restores stonework; he donated his time and materials and wishes to remain anonymous."
Although a few news organizations are releasing his name the Digital Journal will respect the privacy of these angels who came to the rescue of the beheaded blessed Virgin Mary.
The church said workers spent the past week piecing together what remained from the night of vandalism. Mary's head and praying hands have been completely restored and are wrapped in cloth until the statue has dried properly, at which time they will have an unveiling of the mended Mary
Usher said no arrests have been made in the the ongoing investigation and they will be sure to update us as soon as any charges are filed in the incident labeled a hate crime that by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. The hate crime occurred on or about April 25 at the Catholic Church in North Carolina and was noticed just before mass that morning.
Mary s praying were cut off in the senseless act of vandalism that police are investigating as a hat...
Mary's praying were cut off in the senseless act of vandalism that police are investigating as a hate crime.
St. Matthew Catholic Church
Monsignor John McSweeney said he hoped his congregation and the community would learn something from the vandalism. He especially wanted them to learn forgiveness for the people who committed such an atrocious act. Many prayers for the vandals, St. Matthew Church and the statue of Mary have been said by members of almost ever domination in the City of Charlotte and across the state of North Carolina and around the nation.
Ms Usher of St. Matthew said "Our Boy Scouts circled the statue the week after the desecration and prayed – It was very moving to watch these young men, heads bowed in prayer with their adult leaders."
The learning experience and the prayerful moments resulting from this senseless act have been many and the prayers to restore the Blessed Virgin Mary to her original state were answered a week ago when Mary, the Mother of the Christ Child became whole again just in time for the Mother's Day Sunday Mass at St. Matthew Catholic Church.
Vandals desecrate praying Virgin Mary statue (Includes interview and video)
Police Crime Stoppers are requesting if anyone has any information to assist in solving this crime to please call the Crime Stoppers Anonymous hotline at 704-334-1600. You can also submit a tip online to crime solvers.
The desecrated Virgin Mary Statue
The desecrated Virgin Mary Statue
St. Matthew Catholic Church