New York Couple Receives Life for Sex Crimes Against Children

Posted Feb 20, 2010 by Debra Myers
A Watertown couple were sentenced to life in prison yesterday for their roles in transporting children across state lines in order to have sex with them two years ago. The children's ages at that time were 13, 8, 5, and 3 years old.
Looking Out
Looking Out
Yesterday, U.S. District Judge David Hurd handed down the life sentences on the Watertown couple who last October pleaded guilty to charges of transporting children from Kentucky to their home in New York with the intent of sexually abusing them.
Christopher Janson, 29, and Amanda Jansen, 28, admitted they had planned the scheme which lead to Christopher going to Kentucky to bring the four children back to their New York home under the ruse of having them come for a Summer visit. While the children were there, the couple also admitted they had drugged the 8-year old boy and the 5-year old girl with Ambien-laced Koolaid so that they could sexually abuse them.
At the time of their arrest, the Jansons were living in military housing at Fort Drum, where Amanda Jason was a soldier. Police were given a tip by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that there might be child pornography at the Jason's address and with a search warrant, seized the couple's computer which had child porn on it. After interviewing the couple, the police learned that four children had been abused. The other two children, who were then 3 and 13-years old, were female children.
The couple met and in lived in Texas and Christopher had previously lived in Kentucky, where he had convicted of sexually abusing a 7-year old girl. It is unclear if they had left any victims behind in the other states.
On another charge, the Jansens pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a fifth child, who was 1-years old at the time, in Jefferson County, which also is the Watertown-Fort Drum area. They will be sentenced next month to 15 years on that conviction.
[Note: Because of the varying reports, it is not clear whether the Jansens have children or not, which is why I did not include that information.]