Study shows majority believe Tiger Woods apology sincere

Posted Feb 20, 2010 by KJ Mullins
A national media study gives good news to Tiger Woods about Friday's press conference on his extra-marital affairs. Over half of those surveyed believe Woods to be sincere in his apology.
Tiger Woods recently apologized for his extra-marital relations
Tiger Woods recently apologized for his extra-marital relations
YouTube screenshot/MSNBC
HCD Research conducted the survey Friday online after Woods' press conference. 1,090 Americans took the survey revealing that 60 percent thought the golfer was sincere.
Over half (52%) of those in the study said that the apology did not alter the way they already felt about Woods, 17% changed the way they felt in a negative way while 31% changed their perception of Woods in a positive way. Woods apology was sufficient for the majority (64%) of viewers.
The participants of the study moved their computer mouse from left to right on a continuum while viewing the video. They were also asked to respond to questions after the viewing.
"Our automated response curves revealed that male and female viewers' sincerity levels were fairly consistent," commented Glenn Kessler, president and CEO, HCD Research. "The one exception occurred when Mr. Woods made comments denying the presence of any domestic violence, during which men perceived him to be less sincere than women in regard to those statements."