Mystery UFOs seen in Newfoundland not a threat to Canada

Posted Jan 28, 2010 by Stephanie Dearing
Two Newfoundland women, out taking photographs of a beautiful sunset Monday evening, instead saw what they thought were missiles - headed their way.
One of the 2 - 3 unexplained bullet-shaped objects seen January 25  2010 by various witnesses in the...
One of the 2 - 3 unexplained bullet-shaped objects seen January 25, 2010 by various witnesses in the southern part of Newfoundland.
Darlene Stewart
Harbour Mille, Newfoundland - One of those women, Darlene Stewart, snapped photographs of the flying objects. In subsequent interviews with media, Steward claimed the RCMP had confirmed she had photographed a missile. However, the RCMP said they have concluded their investigation and did not find evidence of missiles. The strange bullet-shaped objects were just UFOs. Late Thursday, the Prime Minister's Press Secretary, Dimitri Soudas told press "There is no indication that there was ever a rocket launch."
Darlene Stewart and her neighbour, Emmy Pardy, saw the objects Monday evening. Pardy described what she saw to, saying "I saw a humungous bullet, silver-grey in colour and it had flames coming out of the bottom and a trail of smoke." Other reports have come in from Newfoundland of three objects seen in the sky, as well as sightings of a strange light seen in the sky Monday evening from Bona Vista and Fortune Bay. Pardy told the CBC the object she saw seemed to come out of the ocean.
With speculation over the sightings growing, the news that France had just tested an M51 missile from a submarine based in the Atlantic Ocean near France had Burin Penninsula residents wondering if that is the source of the object captured by Stewart's camera. The Canadian government has said no missile tests were conducted Monday near Canada by any nation, including Canada.
Liberal MP Gerry Bryne, who hails from Newfoundland, has been raising questions about the safety of his constituents, agitating for answers to the mystery all week.
Soudas said he thought Stewart might have indeed photographed a missile -- a miniature one flown by a hobbyist.
RCMP Sargent Wayne Edgecombe spoke to CBC confirming the sighting was real, but he declined to divulge information about the matter saying "We confirmed that it was something. It's nothing criminal."
While the government has said the odd sighting does not constitute a threat to Canada, the lack of explanations has not comforted Newfoundland residents.
Harbour Mille is a picturesque village nestled at the edge of the ocean in the south of Newfoundland.