Anti-sealing protester hits Minister Gail Shea in face with pie

Posted Jan 25, 2010 by Stephanie Dearing
Minister Gail Shea, who is responsible for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, was in Burlington Monday to open the new Aquatic Life Research Facility.
Gail Shea  Canada s minister of fisheries and oceans  with pie on her face after the dessert attack ...
Gail Shea, Canada's minister of fisheries and oceans, with pie on her face after the dessert attack by a PETA rep
YouTube screenshot/CBC
Burlington, ON - Just as Minister Gail Shea began her address, a woman calmly walked up to Shea and gently but purposefully squished a cream pie into Gail Shea's face. The protester was promptly hustled out of the facility by security personnel, but the woman can be heard saying "Shame on you!" The women went on to chastise Shea for not ending Canada's seal hunt. 37 year-old Emily McCoy of New York City is now charged with assault. Shea was unharmed and after cleaning up, returned to the business at hand.
McCoy was at the opening representing PETA. The controversial animal rights organization launched an anti-sealing campaign in Canada last October. While many have complained that Shea has not been quick to respond to Fisheries issues, PETA was almost scathing in its write-up of the pie incident. saying "... It seems that one activist had had enough of Ms. Shea's yammering in support of the seal slaughter and decided to fill the minister's pie hole with something a tad more palatable."
There is a dispute over what the pie was made of. Police say it was shaving cream, while PETA claims it was a tofu-whip. Shea told press it tasted like shaving cream. Shea laughed off the incident.
Since the European Union banned Canada's seal products, Canada has been looking for other markets, in particular China. Shea was in China last week to sell the nation on Canada's seal products.
The Canada Centre for Inland Waters is owned and managed by Environment Canada, and is billed as one of the leading freshwater research facilities. The facility is about 40 years old. The Aquatic Life Research Facility is a project jointly shared between the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Environment Canada.
Sealing has been underway in some parts of Canada since November. The biggest hunt usually occurs in March.
Prices for the seal harvested in 2010 are expected to be low due to the EU ban.