Charlie Gibson steps down after 34 years

Posted Dec 26, 2009 by Bennett Kaplan
After three decades of most accuratley reporting the world news on ABC, anchor and host of multiple ABC news shows Charlie Gibson is calling it quits.
Charles Gibson  TV anchor and journalist.
Charles Gibson, TV anchor and journalist.
Charlie Gibson over the years, has become one of the most trusted journalists in America. For the past three years, he hosted the number two evening news show, behind that of Brian Williams and NBC, and was a source of comfort each night for millions of people around the country. Throughout his tenure, Gibson had many impactful interviews, including many presidents over the years, most recently President Barack Obama.
"The first rough draft of history over this generation has been seen by an entire nation through the eyes of Charlie Gibson," said ABC News President David Westin, in a story by ABC News.
Gibson has been replaced by long time Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer.