Lou Dobbs leaving CNN

Posted Nov 11, 2009 by Andrew Moran
Veteran CNN host Lou Dobbs will officially announce on Wednesday that he is resigning from the broadcast news network CNN.
Lou Dobbs - CNN
Lou Dobbs - CNN
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According to a top CNN sources, Lou Dobbs will announce that he is officially leaving CNN, reports Reuters. For quite some time, Lou Dobbs has been a controversial figure and many organizations have wanted CNN to replace or fire Dobbs.
His strongest views of illegal immigration have severely angered many Hispanic groups across the United States.
Dobbs’ contract ends in 2011 but it wasn’t immediately apparent why he was leaving CNN, as Fox News reports.
Dobbs said just after 7 p.m., according to the New York Times, “Some leaders in the media, politics and business have been urging me to go beyond my role here at CNN and engage in constructive problem-solving. I’m considering a number of options and directions.”
In August, Digital Journal reported that the President of the National Democratic Network, Simon Rosenberg, called for Dobbs to be thrown off CNN and be put on Fox News instead.
"I hope that one thing we can all agree with today is that it’s time to get Lou Dobbs off CNN and put him on FOX where he belongs, I think – just like Glenn Beck. I mean, I think Glenn Beck has paved the trail for Lou Dobbs, and I hope that we can see him go."