12 dead, 31 injured at US army base Fort Hood in Texas

Posted Nov 5, 2009 by KJ Mullins
There has been a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas Thursday afternoon. Seven have been reported killed at the US army base. There are 12 injured. While the story is unfolding there will be constant updates.
Fort Hood: Sgt. Anthony Sills comforts his wife outside one of the largest U.S. Army bases in the wo...
Fort Hood: Sgt. Anthony Sills comforts his wife outside one of the largest U.S. Army bases in the world near Killeen, Texas, 05 Nov 2009.
Al Pessin / Pentagon
The news has just been confirmed by CNN. Very few details have come in at this time.
There is no word as to who the victims are. One gunman is now in custody. Another gunman has not been caught reports NBC News.
At this time the base is on lockdown according to reports. Two nearby school districts were also being locked down as a precaution.
As details come in they will be added.
Sources from the Pentagon are only confirming multiple deaths and injures in the shooting incidents. It took place in two locations at Fort Hood.
The two locations are thought to be is the Soldier Readiness Center at the post in Killeen, Texas and at the House Theater. The readiness center is where troops are prepared for deployment.
Fort Hood has had a problem with suicides from troops involved with the war situation.
CNN is reporting on the stress problems among the soldiers who have been returning from Iraq.
The numbers that are current are seven dead, 12 to 15 injured according to Fort Hood spokesman. There were two gunmen. One of the gunmen has been stopped and the other is cornered. The gunmen had M-16s. This is an unconfirmed report from Lt. Gen. Russell Honore.
Lt. General Russell Honore says that the gunmen were two soldiers in an unconfirmed report on CNN.
Fort Hood is in the middle of Texas between Austin and Waco.
Barbara Star from CNN:
There are seven dead and 12 to 15 wounded. They are on route to Darnell.
Not confirmed is that there are multiple shooters. The military is investigating this.
President Obama has just been informed about the incident.
Staff have gathered in the White House situation room.
Sgt Major Jamie Posten told CNN, "At approximately at 1:30 p.m. more than one gunmen opened fire into the Readiness Center. There were two shooters at the Readiness Center. Emergency services have responded.
The second shooter has not been found. Fort Hood is locked down to in and out traffic."
Military spouse at Darnell Military Hospital says local TV says that there are three or more suspects. There have been people arriving on stretchers.
When there has been more than one gunman in a incident it poses a conspiracy says CNN's star.
"This is far different than what we have seen in recent years."
It is still unknown if the shooters are military or civilians.
According to KDH News via Twitter one suspect in custody is a 40-year-old male.
The post warning system has told residents to lock all doors, turn off air and heating units. Residents are being told to take immediate cover.
One shooter was shoot and wounded. The gunmen were in military uniforms Senator Hutchison told CNN.
She said her reports say that there are an estimated 30 wounded.
"This was a complete surprise."
The incident took place inside the processing center.
One of the alleged gunmen is among the dead.
There are reports that new gunfire has erupted at Fort Hood. This is not yet confirmed. It is said that the new shooting is at Comanche 4 housing area.
President Obama said "my immediate thoughts and prayers are with the wounded, and families of the fallen." He called the shootings a "horrific outburst of violence."
He asked for the people of the US to " keep the men and women of Fort Hood in your thoughts and prayers."
The alleged gunman is said to be Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a mental health professional reports NPR.