Op-Ed: Glenn Beck Crying with a Little Help from His Vick's Vapor Rub

Posted Oct 2, 2009 by R. Francis Rubio
Fox News host Glenn Beck is captured on video during a photo shoot having Vick's vapor rub smeared under his eyes to induce tears as he joked his eyes are getting used to it.
Glenn Beck
Conservative pundit Glenn Beck
Photo by The Rocketeer
Most of us remember the now infamous broadcast with Fox host Glenn Beck repeatedly reducing himself to tears on Mar. 13, 2009. During the show Mr. Beck made his emotional plea asking his audience "Are you ready to be that person that you were that day after 9/11 -- on 9/12?" then adding "I told you for weeks, you're not alone."
Seemingly near the point of total breakdown Beck apologized by saying "I'm sorry, I just love my country and I fear for it." The show was mainly about the 9-12 project started in mid-February, originally called the You Are Not Alone project.
The idea called for Americans to turn back to "9 founding principals and the 12 eternal values." Beck laid out his 9 founding principals during the show and then a few days later released the 12 values that he believes will guide America back to the ways of the founding fathers.
At one point during the broadcast Beck declared "I'm turning into a frickin' televangelist." Well, the question now is: Was he right?
Here is a new video of Mr. Beck at a photo shoot having Vick's vapor rub smeared under his eyes to produce the illusion of crying.
You make the call.