Smuggler’s 'Fat' Bottom Hides Drugs: No Bum Rap

Posted Aug 23, 2009 by M Dee Dubroff
Customs officials at a Spanish airport arrested a man with six and a half kilos of cocaine hidden in his shorts. Suspicious because of his unduly large rear-end, this proved to be no bum rap. Read on, butt beware.
Butt where can we go?
Butt where can we go?
According to news sources, officials at Barcelona’s El Prat de Llobregat airport forced the man with the big rear-end to strip off his green neoprene pants and found they contained more than 160 pockets sewn in to hold cocaine. The smuggler waddled through the airport and his unusually large rear-end was very conspicuous and seemed out of proportion from the rest of his body.
A drugs spokesman said:
“He wasn't a big man but he has a very bulky rear end and was walking very strangely. Then we saw that whenever he sat down it was like he was sitting on eggshells. His backside and his legs looked like they belonged to a weightlifter. We've seen all sorts of stunts but the big pants were a first for us.”
So the morale of this story might be:
If you have a big butt wear it proudly, and if you don’t pretending that you do can make you the butt of many an undesirable inquiry!