World’s Largest Knitted Poem: Are There Other Smaller Ones?

Posted Aug 20, 2009 by M Dee Dubroff
If something is the largest in a category doesn’t that imply that there are others to compare it with? The Poetry Society has initiated such a project , calling it the world’s largest knitted poem. Read on and wonder…why.
How do i knit thee? Let me count the ways.
How do i knit thee? Let me count the ways.
According to news sources, The Poetry Society of the United Kingdom is putting together the world’s largest knitted poem. It is a very democratic poetry project and all poets are invited to participate as long as they leave their pens home and bring instead their knitting needles.
This project is meant to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Poetry Society. It is estimated that more than 700 knitters all around the world are knit one, purling two and crocheting the individual letters of what remains to be a secret poem. After the squares have been sewn together, it is expected that the assembled work could span some 40 feet in length. The final epic will be revealed in October, hopefully leaving enough time for all these knitters and crocheters to get some sleep in between knitting and crocheting bouts!
According to the Poetry Society, there is still time to register if you feel so inclined and get involved with knitting or crocheting the black squares that will form the spaced between the words and edging of the poem.
So make up your mind today: Are you a writer or a knitter?
If you feel you are both and wish to participate, contact Rebecka Mustajarvi at officeassistant(at)
Whatever you do, please don’t give her my name, as I don’t get enough sleep as it is.
What do YOU think about this?