Woman in Tunis expecting 12 babies

Posted Aug 17, 2009 by KJ Mullins
A Tunisian woman is said to be expecting 12 babies. The Arabic language teacher in her thirties is being described by her family as a miracle. Doctors are doubtful that any of the babies will survive the pregnancy.
Silhouette of pregnant woman
Silhouette of pregnant woman
Photo by Mahalie
The woman is looking forward to welcoming her dozen into the world. If she bets all the odds stacked against her a new world record for live human births will be set.
eFitness Now reports:
“I am feeling fine and looking forward to hugging my six boys and six girls,” said the woman, from Gafsa, Tunisia, who is yet to be named.
The medical team has said that the woman wants to give birth naturally.
Her husband is said to be overjoyed with the news.
Doctors do not believe that she could go into labour as early as 20 weeks into the pregnancy. A normal pregnancy is 40 weeks. The odds of even one of the babies to survive is 100 to 1 according to medical experts.
Doctors have begun to monitor the woman. If she and the babies survive the health authorities have already said that they will provide assistance to the mother and her family.