Flying Frogs: A New Discovery of Species Has Unique Mating Ways

Posted Aug 12, 2009 by Carol Forsloff
From time to time scientists find new species on the planet. Now they have found a flying frog. The delightful creature is the talk of the Internet right now, so there has to be something significant here. Let’s check it out.
Flying Frog
This is the kind of frog that lives in trees and comes down to mate.
wikimedia commons
According to the Chicago Sun Times the flying frog is one of two species scientists have reported new and unusual recently. They are two among 353 new species that have been discovered in the Himalayas within the past decade. Biologists declare climate change threatens their environment.
Bloomberg expands upon the description of the flying frog to tell us that the new amphibian is bright green with red feet. It gets its name because its long, webbed feet are reported to allow it to glide quickly when falling.
Not only are frogs in the Himalayas, they are reported in other places by the National Geographic. They are known also as parachute frogs, or Wallace’s flying frogs; and they live in the tropical jungles of Borneo and Malaysia. These frogs are said to live in the trees for the most part, coming down when they want to mate and lay eggs. That’s a whole different lifestyle of typical American-style frogs who simply hop around lily ponds and such.
Now this behavior makes one wonder if the creature man has it all after all given the convenience of mating and separation that occurs with flying frogs.