Bodies of AF447 pilot and steward identified

Posted Jun 25, 2009 by Michael Cosgrove
The bodies of the plane's pilot and a steward have been identified by investigation sources in Brazil. The BEA, the French authority in charge of the French end of the investigation, has yet to comment on this information.
Air France Airbus A330-200
File photo: Air France Airbus A330-200
Kevin Boydston
Quoted by Le Figaro, a source in Air France who is involved in the investigation said "The information has been circulated within the company and should not have been released until Friday."
The BEA does not have forensic experts in Brazil and has preferred not to comment the news.
On the other hand, Peirre-Henri Gourgeon, Air France's Director General, is said by senior company management to have presented his condolences to the bereaved families.
Fifty bodies have been recovered so far and are being autopsied at this time.
Four hundred pieces of debris have also been recovered and are undergoing tests.
No cause has been officially announced, although the BEA has announced that it will be publishing a report on the accident before the end of the month.