Jill Price, the Woman Who Can’t Forget, Writes Book

Posted Apr 26, 2009 by Carol Forsloff
One of the most fascinating case studies is about a woman who is able to remember every detail of her life. She has been studied at a university with the hope that this will lead to information on memory to help others. Now she has written a book.
Memory Lane
Jill Price memory goes down a lane and recalls every detail and experience of her life from age 14. This is a phenomenal skill that she has captured in a book of her life that will be published by Simon and Schuster and out in May 2009
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Jill Price is the woman talked about since mid 2008 in interviews and in news stories as the woman who can’t forget. She is said to be able to relate what happens on any given day during her life since the age of 14. She has been on the Oprah Show and on Good Morning America. Her first interview was on Good Morning America last May. This was thought to be amazing when the news first came out.
This year, however, there are questions raised in forums questioning her authenticity, although many people believe that indeed Price is a phenomenon.
The first newspaper article about Jill Price did not reveal her identity. Four weeks later the story became national, but what is the status right now?
Like many people whose lives become phenomenal after a startling discovery about them, Jill Price has written a book. In the book, “The Woman Who Can’t Forget” it is said that she relates how her life has been impacted by the fact that she remembers everything since the age of 14. The book is to be released May 5, 2009.
Other people like Susan Boyle have had instant fame because of special skills. Will a book be written about her as well? One wonders since instant fame brings new changes to people’s lives. Susan Boyle has those special skills in different ways, and many times that leads to the publication of a book. Jill Price has demonstrated some longevity with public interest. It is likely from her first interview to the present book there will continue to be discussions about memory, and the uniqueness of her special gifts. She remains the woman who can’t forget as many will not forget her for the publicity given her rare abilities. Many will therefore want to read her book, which is likely to give more information about an individual whose life stands out from many others.