Medvedev hopeful about meeting Obama

Posted Mar 31, 2009 by Richard van der Draay
Moscow- The Russian president Dimitri Medvedev is hopeful about the meeting on Wednesday with his American counterpart Barack Obama during the G-20 summit in London.
Dmitry Medvedev
Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia
Photo by World Economic Forum
It will be the first time the two will meet.
In an interview with the BBC on Monday Medvedev praised the contence of a letter sent to him recently by Obama. In the letter the American president set out his foreign priorities.
Medvedev said that he was surprised that many of his opinions matched with those of Obama. He said: “The question is to what extent we will present our ideas during our personal meeting. To what degree will we be able to break through our stereotypes.”
A member of Obama’s staff was in a positive mood on Monday. Obama’s national security advisor, Denis McDonough, said that the feeling is that the atmosphere regarding relations with Russia has improved spectacularly over the last few weeks.
During George W. Bush’s administration links with Russia had cooled. The Russians are worried about US plans for a missile defence shield in East Europe. Another bone of contention is a potential Nato-membership of Ukraine and Georgia.