Monkey Kills Owner With Well-aimed Coconut

Posted Mar 25, 2009 by Sandy Sand
From the “What?” files, the owner of a monkey, who was allegedly “forced to climb trees” to harvest coconuts, scampered off the job after taking aim at his master’s “coconut,” killing him instantly.
Thinking Like a Monkey.
Thinking Like a Monkey.
The Samui Express reported that the monkey, Brother Kwan, was in a tree top in the Thai province of Nakorn Sri Thammarat, when he took aim at Leilit Janchoom, 48.
The report said Janchoom had:
…beaten Brother Kwan whenever he showed any hesitance to climb a tree.
The report also claimed:
… that the monkey found the work boring, strenuous and unrewarding.
The monkey was known to have climbed palms as high as 50 meters. The victim’s wife, Uthai, said:
... they had bought the monkey for about £130. 'It seemed lovable. We called him Brother Kwan.'