Vatican May Boycott Upcoming Film Angels & Demons

Posted Mar 22, 2009 by Bob Ewing
The Vatican may be set to start a campaign against the movie Angels & Demons, the prequel to box-office sensation The Da Vinci Code.
Vatican Hill: St. Peter s Basilica.
Vatican Hill: St. Peter's Basilica.
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Avvenire is the Vatican's official newspaper and ran a story Friday saying the Roman Catholic Church "cannot approve" of such a film.
The Turin daily La Stampa, on Saturday, reported the Vatican will soon be calling for a boycott of the Ron Howard-directed film.
The Vatican did call for a boycott of The Da Vinci Code. Both movies are based upon Dan Brown's books The Da Vinci Code suggests Jesus Christ had married Mary Magdalene and had children.
Angels & Demons involves the Illuminati who want to install one of their own as pope and blow up the Vatican.
The filmmakers wanted use two churches in Rome that are crucial to the plot of the religious thriller. However, the church did not cooperate.
The Vatican has described the prequel as "an offence against God."
Angels & Demons will open worldwide May 15.