Widow of 9/11 victim among Buffalo plane crash dead

Posted Feb 13, 2009 by Adriana Stuijt
The family of Beverly Eckart of Stamford, whose husband Sean Rooney died in the September 11 2001 attacks at the World Trade Centre, confirmed that she was among the 50 fatalities of a commuter plane crash near Buffalo, New York on February 13.
9/11 at the World Trade Center
Twin Towers on fire. 9/11. 13 to 14 minutes after Flight 11 Impact Tower 1 (at the right side) and seconds after impact United Airlines Flight 175 in Tower 2 (left side). Seen from the north.
Photo courtesy FEMA
Her sister Sue Bourque told The Buffalo News that her sister, Beverly Eckert of Stamford, was aboard the plane that crashed into a home as it headed toward a landing at Buffalo Niagara International Airport Thursday night. See coverage of the accident here.
See her picture here
Eckert's husband, Sean Rooney, died in the attacks at the World Trade Center in Manhattan in the United States -- where he worked for Aon Risk Management Services on the 105th floor.
The newspaper reported that Eckert was traveling to Buffalo to attend a celebration of what would have been her husband's 58th birthday this weekend. She and her husband were high school sweethearts in Buffalo.