Crowd Applauds Naked Couple 15-Minute Parade Down City Street

Posted Feb 3, 2009 by Carol Forsloff
How about a stroll down a city street buck naked? Most people would flinch at that. But one couple didn’t and sauntered past a restaurant as folks stared and couldn’t believe what they saw.
Naked Couple
Nude couple stroll down city street in Singapore while crowd of 200 stare, applause or both.
Leonard Tran
In any part of the world such an act would create consternation. In Singapore, the conservative city of the East, it certainly did create surprise, but some delight as well, as reported recently in the news.
The original article about the incident didn’t come with pictures, although there were plenty it was said because the customers in the restaurant had a full fifteen minute treat. Some applauded, and some were just embarrassed. But it created a stir, nonetheless.
The restaurant manger, Terence Chia said that he saw the couple undress Saturday night at a stair well nearby, then take the clothes in their hands and proceed to walk down the street wearing only their flip-flops. They had barely got started when a crowd of about 200 people gathered to take pictures of the event. The naked man was Caucasian and the woman an ethnic Chinese described as in their 20’s. They were arrested and face a fine of about $1,330 or up to 3 months in jail, or both.
The incident was particularly curious for a country where even posing nude for artists is frowned upon.
The bloggers have been out full boar on this one, with pictures of the event taken by the various people who had been there who have been put them up for public view without restrictions. Leonard Tran, who snapped one of the pictures that has been floating and edited by other bloggers on the Internet, said this about the incident,
“ They stopped at one of the tables to chat with a group of people and were still naked! Even when a crowd gathered and some people started taking photos, they didn’t bother to cover their private parts or run away.”
After revealing several pictures, he said,
"They looked really comfortable walking down the street, which led to many curious stares," Singapore is getting more and more exciting."
Guess so. Maybe they’ll be strolling in another city somewhere or someone like them will, so it’s proof positive that those cell phone cameras are critical equipment for citizen journalists or voyeurs everywhere.