Think you can play the guitar? Try a spoon...

Posted Dec 6, 2008 by Adriana Stuijt
Hannes Coetzee, elderly descendant of South Africa's First Nation -- the San Bushmen -- also is one of the most popular folk-musicians in the country. Yet he needs no flashy gimmicks and hates to fly.
Hailing from the small Karoo desesert town of Herberstdale, where his San ancestors have lived for eons and painted their beautiful art inside local caves, Coetzee developed his own unique way of playing his guitar, by sliding across the strings with a spoon.
He plays his own unique and very charming compositions. Coetzee works for a living in the harsh desert he loves - tapping the local tall aloe plants for their powerful medicinal juice. From early childhood he taught himself to play the guitar just for his own fun, often playing with relatives and friends at impromptu concerts for just pennies.
He's travelled abroad -- appearing at the Slide & Steel Festival at Port Townsend near Seattle last year - but didn't like flying all that much,
There have also been countless attempts worldwide to copy his style - but nobody quite 'gets' that charming lilting sound Hannes produces... See