Op-Ed: Canada’s Judiciary Continues Its Slide Into Meaningless Incompetence

Posted Nov 27, 2008 by James Raider
Canadian taxpayers should be upset at the continuing abuse they are being subjected to by both their judicial, and immigration systems.
Parliament Hill
Parliament Hill, Ottawa
Photo by Simon Starr
Canadians are sitting idly by as the fiber of a great Nation succumbs to corrosion at the hands of their own employees.
The Federal Court decided that Baljinder Singh Brar, convicted of killing his sister-in-law in India by turning her into a kerosene torch, can now from Canada, sponsor himself a new wife from New Delhi. This is abundant evidence that both immigration, and the courts are not only broken, they have become perverse.
Not only can anyone get into Canada, it seems there is no act vile enough that it can’t be OK’d. In this situation, Brar was able to make a mockery of the whole system by simply arguing that an offence involving a sister-in-law is different than an offence involving a relative. What a wonderfully astonishing distinction to allow a murderer in.
In Vancouver, a lawyer argues for house arrest, on behalf of a client who killed an acquaintance to whom he owed $100,000 by stabbing him 30 times. Prosecutors are asking for 10 years, having reduced the charge to second-degree murder. Second degree? You have video tape of the killer chasing down his victim. That doesn’t show intent? How much evidence is required to convince taxpayers that the system is not doing any Canadians justice?
Canada’s immigration and judicial guidelines are akin to Swiss cheese. Is anyone on Parliament Hill looking to plug these holes that some morally destitute members of the legal profession can dance through with plenty of rationalizations about “everyone deserves the best defense I can get them?”
Unfortunately, practically all of the individuals whom Canadians have sent to Parliament to represent their interests since John A. McDonald first took office have been lawyers. The machine has been adeptly contrived so that it can be siphoned ad infinitum by judges and their barrister aide-de-camps. Wake up Canada, these people work for you, don’t allow them to work against you.
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