Live Blog: Biden and Palin Face Off in First U.S. Vice-Presidential Debate

Posted Oct 2, 2008 by David Silverberg
Biden & Palin
Vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin
alin photo courtesy McCain Campaign, Biden photo courtesy World Economic Forum
Sarah Palin and Joe Biden square off in the only debate between the two vice-presidential candidates. has live coverage of the event, so tune in to hear from the candidates and share your insights. This is live.
The first and only U.S. vice-presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin takes place before a studio audience at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. is covering it live from 8:45 p.m. until about 11 p.m. EST. Scroll to the bottom of this article for live coverage.
(Also, please check out the live blog of the Canadian federal leaders debate happening right now. Open a separate tab and participate in both debates!)
Gwen Ifill of PBS will moderate the debate. The format of the debate will resemble the presidential candidate debate: there are approximately eight 10-minute segments and the moderator introduces each issue and gives each candidate two minutes to respond. Then, Palin and Biden can debate the issue for another two minutes.
Tonight's debate is one the most highly anticipated VP debates in recent history. All eyes will be on Palin and Biden, experts say. Ron Faucheux, professor at The George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management, told the candidates not only "have to defend themselves and present themselves well, they have to present and defend their presidential candidates."
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