Computer Scientist Randy Pausch Dead At 47

Posted Jul 25, 2008 by KJ Mullins
Last year Randy Pausch's last lecture made the rounds online. The Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist spent the time lecturing about facing cancer and living. He passed away today in Virginia.
Randy Pausch gave blanket permission for this photo to be used freely by anyone
"It's not about how to achieve your dreams, it's all about leading your life. If you lead your life in a right way, karma will take care of itself. And dreams will come to you." — from The Last Lecture
The book, The Last Lecture, expands on the points that the professor made to his class. Jeff Zaslow of the Wall Street Journal helped Pausch write the book.
Many were inspired by his lecture last year that dealt with the joy of life instead of the sadness of his coming death. It was titled "Really achieving your childhood dreams" something Pausch believed strongly in. His dreams in childhood were writing a World Book Encyclopedia entry, experiencing zero gravity and creating Disney attractions . He achieved them all.
He died on July 25 at his home in Chesapeake, Virginia with his wife Jai and their children close by.
** This is the full lecture, it's over an hour.