Catskill Home To Bigfoot?

Posted Jul 2, 2008 by Debra Myers
Bigfoot has long been a topic of debate as to whether this elusive creatures exist. For Patty Williams, they do exist. Because of her continued sightings which began four months ago, Tom Biscardi has set is sights on trying to find and capture Bigfoot.
Catskill, NY - Nearly four months ago was the first time that Patty Williams saw a Bigfoot on her property, near the treeline by her pig pen. Williams said that she thought it was a juvenile since it stood about her height. It went into the pig pen, ate the pig's food but did not harm the animals.
In her most recent sighting, she was returning from an errand with a neighbor and one was standing in her driveway. Williams said that the creatures eyes were glowing, but said it couldn't have been a bear because it stood at least 7 feet tall.
"It's pretty exciting," Williams said. "Very interesting."
Patty Williams said that once she threw a rock into the woods where she thought she'd seen one, and the Bigfoot threw the rock back to her. Other times, Bigfoot left a rock and then pine cones for her. She believes that they are still around as she has that feeling that she's been watched when she takes walks, and states that she is comfortable with their presence.
Enter Tom Biscardi, of Searching for Bigfoot, Inc., who has been hunting for these creatures for 35 years. He and his team have set up video cameras and still cameras on Williams 3.8-acres. As well, he and his team are equipped with tasers, night-vision goggles, thermal imagers, tranquilizer guns and a biopsy gun, which shoots a dart to collect skin, hair and blood from whatever it strikes.
His intent is to capture one, transport it to a place where it can be studied, then after 90 days, release it back to where it was captured after it is implanted with a tracking chip.
The ultimate goal is to get intrinsic and empirical evidence. "Statistical evidence based on sightings reported over the past several years shows bigfoot travel along waterways," said Bob 'JavaBob' Schmalzbach, vice president of Searching for Bigfoot, Inc.
Schmalzbach went on to say that they have gotten DNA samples in the past of hair and skin, and that it proved that these samples were from an 'unknown' animal.
Another team member, Becky Sawyer, a researcher from Glen Falls, NY was part of the initial team that went to do a preliminary assessment on William's report. Sawyer noted that there was an area where grass was flattened which could indicate that bigfoots had slept there. As well, she also said there was an odor present in that area.
"These creatures have a musky odor to them," Sawyer said, noting the smell is not like that of a bear.
Biscardi is hoping that he and his team will get the chance not not only see, but capture a Bigfoot.
Of his personal experiences with the creatures, Biscardi said: "I've had six encounters (with bigfoots) in my life-time. I'm talking about up close and personal."
He said he used to be the biggest skeptic, but no more.