Hamas Puppet Show Entertains Children By Killing President Bush

Posted Apr 1, 2008 by KJ Mullins
A new puppet show on Hamas's al-Aqsa television is teaching children anti-Bush sentiments. Using the "sword of Islam" a Palestinian boy stabs to death President George W. Bush. Peace is a long ways away with this type of propaganda brewing.
Farfur was going too far...
Farfur was going too far...
You are a criminal, Bush, a despicable man. You made me an orphan. You deprived me of everything," said the hand-held puppet, representing a child and accusing the U.S. president of killing his family in Iraq and in Gaza in collusion with Israel.
The television station has used puppets and cartoon characters in the past that show extremist ideals.
Last year a Mickey Mouse like character named Farfur urged young children to fight Israel in the name of Islam. Farfur was killed on-air by an actor posting as an Israeli security guard.
These types of messages show that peace in the region are a long ways away. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip. It is shunned by the United States government because it does not recognize Israel as a nation and refuses to denounce the violence in the region. The group has accused the United States of causing civilian deaths by backing the Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip.