Fugitive crime boss captured

Posted Dec 16, 2007 by Owen Weldon
After more than one year of investigation one of Naples's most dangerous crime bosses ever has been arrested. The fugitive has spent years on the run and he was finally captured on the outskirts of Naples.
Italian authorities have caught a crime boss who built one of the most dangerous cartels and has been on the run since the year 2000.
The investigation has taken a year and Edoardo Contini was finally captured at his hide out.
Contini is consider by many as one of the most dangerous bosses in Naples and because of Contini the city has been traumatized by several bloody clan feuds.
Authorities say that Contini used many identities with other bosses so that he could keep directing extortion rackets and drug trafficking for the Camorra Naples' crime syndicate organization.
Contini who is 52 years old has been hard to find because he was very careful. He always used handwritten notes to communicate with people, even if they were in the same room as him. He also had aides go out and buy him new underwear and socks instead of having his laundry washed.
The crime boss went into hiding after he was convicted of killing two brothers and he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. When he was released from jail he disappeared while criminal cases against him were still in progress according to a source.
Italian authorities seem to be doing what they said they were going to do and that is take down crime bosses down one by one and so far in recent months several crime bosses have been arrested.