Texas Town Twice Sold on EBay Sold Again

Posted Nov 24, 2007 by Bob Ewing
Bridgeville Texas has been sold on eBay for the third time. the new owner is Italian and that is all that is publicly known at the moment. the town sold for 3.8 million. reserve bid was 2.5 million.
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The town of Bridgeville Texas has been sold to the highest bidder. The town just sold for the third time on eBay for 3.8 million. The reserve bid was 2.5 million. All that is publicly known about the buyer is that that he or she is Italian.
The first time that Bridgeville was auctioned it had the distinction of being the first town to be auctioned on eBay, that deal fell through. The seller Bobby Cave is waiting to verify the winning bid before signing over the lease.
When the deal is completed the new owner will get inherit an icehouse created from the frame of the old general store, a pavilion, an 85-year-old dance hall, a tractor shed and a three-bedroom house.