Scattering Ashes 101

Posted Nov 17, 2007 by KJ Mullins
When it's time to scatter ashes of a loved one to the wind you should be sure that it's alright to do so. Not all places will allow for your loved one to hang out for eternity. There are several ways to scatter ashes from ringing to Aerial scattering.
Earlier this week there was a report out that someone scattered their ashes at Disneyland. Disneyland is one of those places that shouldn't be Aunt Vera's final resting spot even if it's part of a growing trend.
The sea on the other hand is great for someone who wishes to be part of the world forever. The ashes will blow all over. Aerial scattering is done by a professional in a private plane with the same results as sea scattering. There is always the old stand by of casting one's ashes to the wind to see where it takes them. That of course is the cheapest one of the above three choices.
Trenching is done with the use of a hoe. Simply make a trench in the soil that is legal and where your loved one would want to be. Raking is when the ashes are poured on the soil and gently raked into the ground. Ringing is done when the ashes form a circle around something. This could be a favorite rose bush or a fancy memorial.
If your loved one was into the Green movement they may want to be buried in a biodegradable scattering urn. This can often be done on top of another burial so that family ashes and remains can be together.
Was your loved one into something that you'd want the ashes to have a special scattering memory? There are many services out there for you to use.