Press Conference For September 15 Equals Suppression Of Free Speech

Posted Sep 9, 2007 by KJ Mullins
George Bush may not like the fact the Sept. 15 Peace/Impeachment demonstration will be going on. The White House appears to be working extra hard to suppress the mobilizing for this mass demonstration.
On September 7 the National Park Service Police turned a press conference in front of the White House into mayhem. In the end three were arrested. The three in jail are Adam Kokesh, an Iraq war veteran; Tina Richards of Grassroots America; and Ian Thompson an ANSWER Coalition organizer.
The reason? No permit for the mikes on a three foot folding table. Oops. That means according to the White House it was an unpermitted activity.
The National Parks Police is an agency in the Interior Department whose Secretary is a member of George W. Bush's cabinet.
The mounted police rode directly into the crowd of reporters covering the conference.
In recent weeks the organizers for September 15 March on Washington have been fined over $30,000 for putting up promotional posters.
Bush and company want to prevent people from coming out for a mass action led by Iraq war veterans and their families that will expose his war propaganda as a lie. The Administration wants to suppress the growing movement for impeachment. This is a showdown of great magnitude.