Woman Shoots Man Over a Quarter

Posted Aug 8, 2007 by Oliver VanDervoort
Donald Francis, who police believe was homeless, stood outside a gas station late Monday asking people for money. Geraldine Beasley had complained about Francis to someone else, and when he approached her she pulled out a gun and shot him, police said.
according to, Police Chief Tom Streicher said. “He asked her for a quarter, that’s apparently all there was to it.”
Francis, 44, died at the scene.
Beasley, 62, was charged with murder and on Wednesday was ordered held in lieu of $500,000 bail, according to court documents. Her attorney, Mass Ionna, told Municipal Court Judge Fanon Rucker that his client has mental issues.
Beasley’s court record dates back 15 years with traffic charges, eviction cases and civil judgments both for and against her. She was fined in 2003 for improperly transporting a loaded gun after officers found one in her van.