Baby Girl Found In Dumpster Only Three Hours Old

Posted Jul 21, 2007 by Michelle Duffy

A three hour old baby girl was found in a dumpster by a neighbour putting out her trash. The mother has still not been found and no one knows who she might be. The baby however, lies in hospital in a serious condition
The baby was found in dumpster cans at Beechwood Apartments on South side.
A woman living near by who was taking her rubbish out heard the baby's cries coming from inside the dumpster. She quickly alerted authorities and the baby was quickly taken to a nearby hospital where she now lies in a serious condition.
The mother, if and when she is found, could face serious charges of not dropping her baby off at a "safe haven."The little girl was found wrapped in a pillow case.
No one has seen the baby's mother, nor has anyone seen anyone approach the dumpster the day the baby was found.