Pixar Strikes Again

Posted Jun 16, 2007 by Aaron Robson

A movie that has been in the making since 1994 will come to theaters in the summer of 2008. Pixar has been genius up to this point, will they pull of their last planned movie perfectly?
The linked trailer talks about one day in the year of 1994. On that day the founders of Pixar sat down for lunch to talk about another possible movie idea since Toy Story was winding down to a successful close.
As the founders spoke, they came up with a whole list of possible movie ideas. So far from that list came a Bugs Life, Monster Inc. and also finding Nemo. The last movie idea that was on that list is set for next summer and the Movie is called WALL-E .
So far, the only things that we know about this movie is that it is about a Robot called WALL-E, the robot is 700 years old, and he may venture out into space to find a new purpose in life.
Judging from what is shown, Pixar is taking a new turn in animation style, rather than going for the same playful animation style that they have done so excellently for the past 13 years, they are doing a more of a realistic style. Everything is textured, dark, and gritty. Is this the new face of Pixar?
(see the link for trailer)