Caught In The Act of Nabbing Tools

Posted Jun 15, 2007 by Michelle Duffy

Three thieves were caught on a security camera helping themselves to a large amount of tools and equipment from the back of a lorry. The iron workers truck they were stealing from was parked directly under a camera which shot the whole thing
In Madison County, a gang of thieves went out one night to steal as many tools off a back of a lorry as they could manage.
The equipment they were taking was thought to be very expensive tools used for iron working. They were particularly after anything made of copper in the hope of selling it on for a lot of money.
They had no idea they were being filmed the whole time and that their faces could be easily seen on the film.
Mr Hamilton, whose truck it was, has been targeted four times in the last year costing him thousands of dollars in replacing his stolen tools. The truck is always parked in the drive way of their home at Cottage Hills.
An investigation is underway to find the crooks.