New York Times, Take a Bow: How to Handle the Hottest Topic on the Planet

Posted Jun 6, 2007 by Paul Wallis

If there’s one thing that will revolutionize medicine, and maybe the whole of human existence, it’s the stem cell. The sheer quantity of information and disinformation, speculation, and downright rage is vast.
Part of a DNA strand
DNA strand.
NYT, which would be getting far more information than it can use at any given moment, has done something quite invaluable and very practical. It has grouped 511 articles on the subject. Everything, where you can get at it.
This is about as sensitive a topic as anyone could want, and it could be no picnic to chase information about it. As a method of dealing with the digital deluge, this deserves praise. The name of the game is data-handling, and the loads are gigantic. They’ve turned it into a single link.
With any luck, some of the other big sites will wake up and use this method, rather than the endless site searches which are such fun and take up so many hours.
Who knows, maybe even the scientific sites will get the idea, and do some relevant groupings.