Putin: Europe will be a target for our missiles

Posted Jun 3, 2007 by bobSP

In a recent interview with the Globe and Mail, Putin has threatened to set Europe as targets for his missiles--missiles that include weapons that could include nuclear capabilities.
Putin went on to justify the threat by citing the US' anti-missile sites in Eastern Europe. He said that European targets will have to be chosen to counteract what he sees as a blatant affront to Russian power by the US--he also stated that this change will put Russia back into the Cold War mentality.
"It is obvious that if part of the strategic nuclear potential of the United States is located in Europe, and according to our military experts will be threatening us, we will have to respond," he said.
"What kind of steps are we going to take in response? Of course, we are going to get new targets in Europe."
After stating that he would indeed set out those targets, he began hinting at the possible use of nuclear weapons in the Russian missile system.
Later in the interview he fielded questions including Russian corruption--he agreed that this problem had to be solved--restrictions on any political dissent: he defended the harsh treatment of political enemies and the use of force to control them. And, as one might guess, he was critical of the US and its policies.