Clinton Administration FBI chief backs Giuliani for President

Posted May 31, 2007 by bobSP

Louis Freeh, a former FBI director for Democratic president Bill Clinton, has announced his endorsement of Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani.
Experts have commented that this endorsement will likely bolster Giuliani's perception of being strong on national security and international law because of Freeh's experience in both fields.
Any endorsement that lets Rudy talk about fighting crime and terrorism is good for him," said GOP consultant Dan Schnur. "And if Giuliani and [Hillary] Clinton are the nominees, you can be sure that Louis Freeh ends up in the front row of every debate, just to try and knock her off her game.
Freeh is no stranger from controversy--following 9/11 Freeh criticized the Clinton Administration for being "soft on terrorism" and his opinions of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal were sharply pointed as he claimed Clinton has dirtied the White House's image.
Freeh is known for his stringent approach to national security and has advocated expanding international intelligence gathering and surveillance.
This boost to Giuliani's presidential aspirations will help further strengthen his image as a strong and capable leader with respect to National Security.