"Shameful" ticket prices for Barbara Streisand

Posted May 24, 2007 by patxxoo

Are ticket prices that range from $200 to $1,200 a fair price to pay? Some Italian consumer groups think not and want the Barbara Streisand concert in Rome canceled.
The arena that she is to perform in is called the Stadio Flaminio the concert is to take place on June 15. It has 24,000 seating capacity and is owned by the city and managed by the Committee, "is public property and cannot be used for immoral deals that are shameful to a civilized country," the statement said.
Led by the Adusbef and Codacons groups, demands that the concert be canceled are being made. They feel that her prices are so excessive as to be called shameful and are way beyond the reach of most of the population to be able to ever possibly attend and as this is a city owned and managed property I can see thier point.
Why have a concert in your community that most that live in the area could never hope to afford? It is a little like rubbing salt in a wound.
Are these prices justified? $200- $1,200 they better have more than a singer on stage is all I can say.
This is supposed to be just the start of her first European tour and it will include Austria, France, Ireland and Britian.
Just how much money does one person need?
A link to Barbra's website.