It Was The Hairy Hands That Gave Him Away!

Posted Apr 18, 2007 by Carolyn E. Price§ion=0&article=95023&d=16&m=4&y=2007&pix=community.jpg&category=Features

If you're going to try to sneak a peak at women without their abayas on, you'd better get out the Nair or, at the very least, wear some gloves man.
A man in Saudi Arabia who was sick and tired of always looking at women in abayas, hatched a plan to catch a glimpse of women without their traditional black robes on.
He decked himself out in an abaya, right down to wearing black shoes and a face veil and calmly strolled into a women's public restroom.
There he stood in line and with prying eyes watched as other women took off their abayas before going into the bathroom stalls. It was an almost perfect plan except for one tiny detail he had overlooked: His hands.
However, the women were not fooled as they noticed that she/he had abnormally hairy hands. The women quickly called the police who promptly arrested the cross-dressing peeping tom.