Former Terror Suspect Saves Building From Being Blown To Pieces

Posted Apr 17, 2007 by Michelle Duffy

Although it may not be seen as the blessing that it was, a bomb plot suspect from the bombings in London has managed to save a tower block
Woolwich Crown Court has heard how the bomb suspect for the 21/7 bombings in London, Manfo Asiedu, 34, has saved a block of flat from an utter disaster.
What he achieved was to dismantled a booby-trapped sideboard at what can only be described as a London bomb factory. He was, apparently saving the block from being demolished and the residents inside it, could we think that this terror suspect has turned over a new leaf?
The barrister in his defence, Stephen Kamlish QC, had to admit that the former suspect was actually the very person who had saved the block from the disaster.
Six men denied the conspiracy to mass murder and also to detonate explosions across London's public transport network at significant places including tube stations and buses. It was thought that Asiedu was the fifth bomber but at the last minute, didn't go through with it on the 21 of July 2005.
The barrister who opened the defence case said,
"He's not asking for any applause, but if he hadn't have done it and it was a bomb that actually worked... he was in fact responsible - potentially - for saving the block and all the people in it."
We can understand his part in this saving of a block with people in it, but can we forgive him for what he was about to plan to do in July 2005?