Original Policeman From The Village People Won't Be Charged After Arrest

Posted Apr 17, 2007 by Carolyn E. Price

Victor Willis, the original policeman from the 1970's disco ban "The Village People" was arrested last month after an altercation with his girlfriend. However, no charges will be laid.
Prosecutors have said they will not be pursuing charges against Victor Willis, who was the original policeman in 1970's disco band The Village People. Willis was arrested last month after his girlfriend accused him of choking and threatening her.
Police say that the woman made a claim that the 55-year-old singer had threatened her with a knife and had been abusive. Willis was facing charges that included battery, criminal threat and domestic violence battery with no injury, said Maria Velasquez, a spokeswoman for the city attorney's office. Velasquez said Friday the case would not be pursued for "evidentiary reasons".
"There was simply a minor disagreement between Victor and his fiancee who are residing together in a penthouse apartment in San Diego's La Jolla area," said Alice Wolf, Willis' publicist, in a statement. "Victor loves her very much and she loves Victor."
In another incident last September, Willis was sentenced to three years' probation for drug possession after he agreed to enter a treatment program. His Web site had a statement on it saying that he recently completed a seven-month re-hab program.
Willis co-wrote hits such as "YMCA" and "In the Navy." He left The Village People in 1980.