Update: Parents Intentionally Overdose Child

Posted Mar 28, 2007 by ckloeckner

Parents accused in the overdose death of their 4-year-old daughter for money.
BROCKTON, Mass. - Parents accused of killing their 4-year-old daughter with an overdose of prescription drugs had concocted symptoms of mental illnesses to qualify the girl for government benefits
Micheal and Carol Riley pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder charges, and have been ordered to remain in custody without bail.
The parents applied for SSI for their daughter, and were rejected twice for lack of proof she had Bipolar and ADHD.
Rebbeca was found dead on her found dead on the floor of her parents bedroom, after being given a fatal dose of Chlonidine.
The Riley's lawyer is putting all the blame on the psychiatrist saying,"The medicines that a totally irresponsible doctor gave her killed her — not the parents,"
Carol reportedly told the psychiatrist that her daughter had "mood swings" and was "driving me crazy." She then continued to feed the doctor "fabricated symptoms", and they also have 2 other children who were diagnosed with these disorders and placed on SSI.
Rebecca's teachers, a school nurse, mental health therapist and neighbors has reportedly stated "Rebecca showed none of these behaviors."
Carol also had received 200 more pills than prescribed for the child by telling the pharmacist she had lost them or ruined the bottles. She had also been seen giving the child larger doses than prescribed to keep her quiet and sleeping longer.
The psychiatrist has agreed to quit practicing medicine until the state Board of Registration in Medicine completes an investigation.