4 Officers Charged in Tourist's Beating

Posted Mar 28, 2007 by Brandigal (Donna)

4 Long Island police officers are charged for beating a tourist accused of littering.
George Hesse, 38, acting police chief of Ocean Beach, is charged with assault and unlawful imprisonment for the beating of Samuel Gilberd,34 back in August 2005.
Three other part time officers are also charged with the assault on Gilberd.
Gilberd suffered severe internal injuries including a ruptured bladder that resulted in a 10 day hospital stay. He still has to see a urologist and a psychiatrist from this beating.
Gilberd was accused of littering by a bouncer of a bar. The bouncer took him to be cited and the 4 officers took him into a room and kicked him in the stomach.
Thomas Spota, district attorney said The officers "acted as thugs in police uniforms.""It was a police department gone wild. There was no control at all,"
The conduct of the police in Ocean Beach are now being investigated. This town is known for enforcing the laws. There is a ban on eating cookies on public walkways.
So you are visiting this place and your walking with your child. Your child wants a cookie and if you give your child a cookie while walking on public walkways of this vacation area, you are breaking the law.
I think the officers involved in this beating need to be treated just like any other thug who attacks a person. Infact, being as they are suppose to protect the public from people who acted like they did makes it even worse.
Gilberd has launched a lawsuit seeking millions from the village and the police department.