The Angry Kid Gets Philosophical

Posted Mar 18, 2007 by Tar De Moutonnoir

Embittered British kid discusses the future with his father, hilarity ensues.
Angry Kid is a popular British animation series featuring an inquisitive 12 year old kid with a bad attitude. All the episodes are free to download and watch at atomfilms. He's been picked up by the comedy network (at least in Canada) and is now airing .
According to Wikipedia 'Angry Kid is not claymation... but a combination of pixilation, mask replacement and live action. It is a technique pioneered by [creator] Walsh and involves taking a live actor, sitting perfectly still and being moved like a puppet, while masks are replaced, to give the effect of speech and shot frame by frame.'
His movements are very unique in the world of animation and thanks to the new technology, very human-like. I laugh so hard when I watch these things. Hope you enjoy it too =)