Farmer wants to sell mammoth skeleton

Posted Mar 15, 2007 by RobotGod;_ylt=Auv182stync0hYnyIcIqsqvMWM0F

A 76-year-old Kenosha County man in whose cornfield the skeleton of a mammoth believed to be about 12,500 years old was dug up in 1994 is interested in selling it, and officials of the Milwaukee Public Museum are interested in it.
He just wants some money to pay his grandchildren to go to college. He keeps the skeleton in 15 wooden crates and 4 plastic boxes. The Milwaukee Public Museum wants to buy it.
They would keep a fiberglass replica of the skeleton on display while the actual skeleton would be kept for further research. The skeleton could net him $100,000 to $500,000.
I hope they take it for a good price. He and his grandchildren would be all set. Being an artist, had I found it, I would have put it together and had it on display in my yard or something. That would be cool. Especially at night.