Timbaland Wants To Save Brittany Spears Career

Posted Mar 7, 2007 by kaleigh2u

Timbaland wants Justin to help him save Brittany's career.
Timbaland who has made hits for Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado wants to help Brittany Spears save her career. He says he's "the type of person who trys to save the world". Timbaland is a friend of Justine Timberlake, Brittany's ex-boyfriend and he has invited Timberlake to help him in his plan. He asked Timberlake if it would be okay for him to work with Brittany and "would he do it with him". Timberlake reportedly said yes however she would have to "be serious". What is it with these stars wo make milions and end up going off the deep end?