Being watched from above!

Posted Mar 3, 2007 by Leah

After reviewing the available technology, what specific types of things do they suggest the military needs? Well, one example, is the Pentagon wants TiVo.
I am not sure if they actually meant it in this way, but I am guessing most would take it that the Pentagon wants someone to sit and watch TV all day.....but in all reality, I just think it is to review more than it is to spy.
I think this may actually be a good idea!
Sad part is, is how soon would it be hacked into, and things get out of control.
And people that have TiVo, how would that affect them if it even would?
As for war purposes, and using it to coleect the data, I think smart move. But what are the satelites that are up there right now doing? I thought that is what they were collecting.
Here is an example they gave in the article......
For example, after a car bomb detonates, one would have the ability to play high-resolution data backward in time to follows the vehicle back to the source, and then use that knowledge to focus collection and gain additional information by organizing and searching through archived data.
I wonder if this would be something to look forward to, or something to look past!